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Salmon “Katsu” with Citrus CBD Arugula Salad

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

CBD Quantity: 15-25mg per serving (depending on use in dressing and finishing oil)

Servings: 2-4

Allergies: Dairy - Can omit parmesan or use a non-dairy sharp cheese for DF

Gluten - Ingredients can be replaced to be GF

Prep Time: 30 min

Cook Time: 30 min

Chef Note: This recipe can be changed, adapted evolved to whatever you have on hand. Don’t be held hostage to the ingredients used in this recipe. Truth be told, I made this up on the spot using flavors I thought would work well together. Sometimes recipes don’t work out and that is totally okay. The important thing is to keep experimenting, evolving and adapting your flavor profiles and techniques.




  • Salmon 3-5 Filets (cut into 4-5” pieces) - Sub chicken, pork, veal, whitefish if you don't want to use salmon)

  • 1 cup flour (for dredge) -- For GF, sub with potato starch, almond or rice flour

  • 2 Eggs (for dredge)

  • 1-2 cups panko (for dredge) -- For GF, sub with GF panko

  • Salt and Pepper to taste (for dredge)

  • 10ish oz. of vegetable oil (for frying) -- Use coconut oil for healthier option

Chef Note: what’s a dredge? - The process of coating the protein for frying to ensure the coating sticks and gives you a crispy crunchy and satisfying bite.


  • 3-4 Cups Arugula (or any bitter, spicy green, i.e. frisse, kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, pea shoots)

  • 10ish red radishes - sliced thin

  • 2-3 green onions - chopped fine

  • 10ish cherry tomatoes

Chef Note: Get creative, add other ingredients you think might work or have in your fridge and want to use.


Additional Items:

  • 1 bottle red wine, or spirit of choice (for drinking)

  • Flaky / coarse salt for finishing

  • 1 sharp chefs knife

  • Small whisk

  • Cutting board

  • 1 large mixing bowl

  • 4 medium bowls (for dredge and dressing)

  • Large deep pot for frying (I recommend the Misen 3 QT Saute)



Step 1: Pour yourself a glass of wine and turn up the music

Take a sip, take a deep breath, find your playlist and begin the prep. This is a key step. The music and drink will set a tone for the next 30 min to an hour. The vibier the better. We enjoyed King Tuff's, Black Moon Spell for this cook.

Step 2: Prep the salad

In a large mixing bowl add the arugula, chop the green onions, quarter the cherry tomatoes and slice the radishes into thin slices. Add to bowl and set aside.

Step 3: Prep the dressing

In a medium bowl start to build your dressing. Cut your lemons and limes and juice them (I use a small self contained manual juicer. Pick what works best for you. There is no wrong way, just get the juice out and remove and straggler seeds). Add the lemon juice to the bowl. Mince your garlic, add that to the bowl. Grate your parmesan and scoop your dijon and pour in the Herb & Olive CBD EVOO, add to bowl. Drop in a pinch of salt and pepper, mix that up and set aside.

Step 4: Prep the fish (or chosen protein)

Before you prep the fish, remember to tend to your wine / spirit. Take your fish, pat with paper towel to get as dry as possible (it is important for it to be dry for the dredge so the coating will stick to it). Cut your fish into 4-5” pieces and set aside.

Step 5: Prep the dredge and frying oil

While you are getting ready to dredge pout the vegetable oil into a deep pot and put on medium high heat. In the 3 separate medium bowls: Bowl 1 for flour (add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste here). Bowl 2 add the eggs and whisk until a consistent yellow color and texture. Bowl 3 add the panko with another pinch of salt and pepper.

Chef Note: You can easily test the heat level of the oil by dropping a few panko crumbs in. If they start to bubble, the oil is ready.

Step 6: Dredge your Salmon

Using both hands (one hand for dry bowls, flour and panko and other hand for wet bowl, eggs). Grab a piece of fish, coat lightly and evenly with flour, then dunk in second bowl coating both sides completely with egg. Let the egg fall off so there isn’t any excess drip. Lastly coat it in the panko and set aside on a clean plate.

Chef Note: While working with a dredge, you always want to dedicate one hand for dry ingredients and your other hand for wet. This will save you a lot of extra hand washing and time.

Step 7: Fry the fish

After you have tested the oil to make sure it is hot enough, gently place the fish in the oil. Fry 2-3 min or until golden brown on each side, flipping only once. Using tongs to pull the fish out and set on a wire rack or paper towels to let excess oil drain.

Chef Note: When working with hot oil and a pan, always lay your ingredient into the pan away from your body. Drop it in slow to avoid oil spray and burns.

Step 8: Mix the dressing and salad

With a spoon gradually add the dressing to the bowl of salad greens. Mix with tongs, coating all the greens and veggies to your preference.

Chef Note: For this step, it’s better to underdress the salad, then overdress it. You can always add more!

Step 9: Plate it

In a large pasta bowl (or normal large plate works) add salad greens first. With a sharp knife cut the fish into two halves diagonally and place gently on top of the salad.

Step 9: Finish it

Fill a dropper of Herb & Olive 300mg premium CBD tincture and add drops on top of the fish (use half to a full dropper depending on taste). Grab a pinch of flaky finishing salt add on top and you’re done.

Chef Note: Make sure to taste the Herb & Olive premium CBD tincture before dropping on your katsu. It has a stronger hemp flavor, a little goes a long way.


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