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Need we say anything more?

CBD Quantity (per serving): 15-20mg (optional)

Servings: 2-4 people (depending on pizza quantity)

Allergies: Dairy (sub with DF cheese for DF), Gluten (sub with GF pizza dough for GF), Pork

Prep Time: 20-30 min

Cook Time: 20-30 min

Chef Note: Pizzas are a communal experience... unless you decide to eat the full pie yourself, which we fully support. This is a pretty loose recipe, because pizza's are supposed to be fun and fluid. You can make countless variations of pizza when cooking at home. We recommend you doing what feels right.



  • La Morra pizza dough (or any dough of your choice)

  • 1-2 cups of flour

  • Cheese of your choice

  • 1-2 tbsp regular EVOO for brushing the pizza dough mid-cook

  • Tomato sauce (we used San Marzano tomatoes) or pesto

  • Pizza toppings of your choice (pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, red onion, olives... the choice is yours)

  • Finishing salt to taste

CBD Harissa Honey Sauce

Cooking Equipment

  • Pizza stone / cooking sheet




Step 1: Preheat the oven

Preheat oven and pizza stone or inverted baking sheet to 475 degrees.

Step 2: Flour the dough

Flour both sides of the dough (and your hands) generously so it doesn't stick when you work it.

Step 3: Stretch the dough

Delicately press out and stretch the pizza dough to 10-12 inches round, leaving about 1/2 inch crust around the circumference.

Step 4: Add your toppings

Start with your sauce (pesto, or San Marzano tomatoes) and spread throughout the dough evenly, leaving a 1/2" crust around the circumference. Add the cheese, then veggies and meats to your liking.

Step 5: Bake

Bake for 9 minutes at 475 on the middle rack of your oven.

Step 6: EVOO the crust

Take the pizza out for a quick second and brush the crust with olive oil for added flavor. You can also add a little finishing salt to the crust for added flavor.

Step 7: Broil

Broil for 1.5-3 minutes to desired cook (don't be scared to get a little bit of color here)

Step 8: Slice and burn your tongue

Slice, and take a bite (because we know you can't wait). You will likely burn your tongue, but it's worth it. Take a photo to share with us @herb.olive.


(inspired by Roberta's and La Morra)

Step 1: Bring honey and harissa to room temp. Mix together in small bowl with 2 tbsp of Herb & Olive CBD EVOO.

Step 2: Drizzle and enjoy

Drizzle a bit on pizza pre bake and a bit post bake (to taste). You can also dip the pizza directly into this sauce. It's great for the crust :)


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