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Extraction Methods & Why They Matter

Extraction methods affect the quality of CBD, but are rarely discussed.

At ‪Herb & Olive, we’ve built our brand based on the principles of doing good for the environment, while creating the best quality product for our customers.
 The majority of the CBD industry uses chemical extraction techniques such as CO2 or ethanol. Using chemical extraction is easier (because they are widely available) and less expensive.

On the flip side, chemical extractions are harsher on the plant and remove some of the whole plant particles, which are good for the body.
 This is why we use a method called lipid extraction. Think of this like eating a salad vs. juicing your veggies. While juicing is efficient, the process removes good fibrous plant material for your gut. If you eat your veggies whole, you'll get the full health benefits of the plants, the way nature intended.

Lipid Extraction

We slowly extract the whole hemp plant into an Organic MCT Oil, then blend that concentrate into our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There are few facilities in the country that use this method. It’s more expensive and more hands on, but we’ve found it creates a better quality product, while keeping a natural flavor profile and color.

For more terms and a deeper dive into the world of CBD check out our helpful terms.

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