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Full Spectrum vs. Isolate

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Not all CBD is created equal

Herb & Olive dropping some more knowledge. Today's topic is Full Spectrum vs. Isolate.

These aren't just words thrown on a label. They are very important, because they hold the key to the effectiveness and potency of a CBD product. If you've seen these words on your CBD label, you may not have thought twice about it. We're here to explain why you should research before purchasing CBD products.

Full Spectrum: An extract that contains all naturally occurring components of the hemp plant, including THC and a wide array of other cannabinoids. Also known as “full spec”, these products are proving to have the highest efficacy on your body because of the entourage effect. Herb & Olive only uses Full Spectrum extract in our blends.

~~~On the other 🖐~~~

CBD Isolate: is a stark white powder. An isolate is the output of extracting all naturally occurring plant particles, leaving solely CBD molecules. These products lack the other naturally occurring compounds, which studies have proven to be beneficial when used all together. For more terms and a deeper dive into the world of CBD check out our helpful terms.

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