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What are we

What are we: Herb & Olive is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Biodynamic Full Spectrum CBD

Tagline Long: Herb & Olive is made from natural ingredients and pure intentions to elevate your mind, body and cooking experiences.

Tagline Short: Only the finest ingredients 

Alt Short: Brave the waves

Our Story

Herb & Olive was born from the idea of using the best ingredients we could find.

We wanted to create a food first product that has the balancing qualities of CBD. We were astonished to find that both components of the hemp and olive oil balanced each other beautifully. The flavor profile is definitely more pronounced because we don’t use any chemicals or harsh solvents during extraction, so the natural flavors of olive oil and hemp CBD can come through as nature intended.

This is a real product made from quality ingredients. Just like our instagram following, we will never fake it.

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Color Story

Our color palette is pulled from the ingredients we use and the elements that fuel their growth.

The palette is deep, rich and saturated, aligning to our brand values of bringing the customer a quality product and experience. Yellow is the sun that breathes life into plants. Blue is the water that fuels their growth. Green are the plants that give our products life and nutrients. Orange is the ground that roots the plants, and red is the low heat it takes to activate and fuse the oils as one. Together they create a natural palette representative of the full spectrum of life.


Founder Story


David Zimmerman




Herb & Olive was founded by David Zimmerman. The idea for creating a CBD olive oil was sparked while watching Bong Appétit on VICE. The host heated a high potency CBD flower in olive oil over the stove to create a hemp forward olive oil with therapeutic properties. David’s marijuana days were over (mostly), but he was getting into CBD because of a recent Crohn’s disease diagnosis. He read a lot of promising research explaining how CBD could help with inflammation in the body, which is the root cause of Crohn’s. Pandora’s box opened, and David couldn’t stop reading up on CBD and the booming market. He realized that not all CBD is the same, similar to olive oil. Many CBD companies were in it to make loads of cash during the gold rush, rather than putting out a high quality and ethically sound product. That didn’t sit well with David, which is why he created Herb & Olive with full transparency into the product.


David wanted to see if this CBD stuff worked, so he decided to quantify his efforts. He got a CRP (inflammation test) blood test taken before a month of daily CBD intake. After that month was over, he did another CRP test, and noticed a significant drop in his body’s inflammation levels. This was enough of an excuse to start drawing up a plan to start a business. Being a product manager at Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures at the time, he didn’t have a lot of free time for this side project. After much consideration and over a year of research, he decided to quit his day job, and start Herb & Olive full time.


Herb & Olive’s ethos from the start has been to source only the finest ingredients, because David’s standards for the food he eats is high. Having gone through the ringer managing Crohn’s the first couple years, he’s figured out a routine that works for him, and much of that routine was to cut out poor quality food. He’s also put the disease into remission without the use of western medication.


“Seek knowledge with a childlike curiosity and question everything you’ve been told. If you’re open, you’ll discover that many of the paradigms we’ve been taught are flawed. Don’t be afraid to ask ‘why’, and always trust your body and intuition.”


Herb & Olive was born. We source our olive oil from a small organic family farm in Northern California. The family is great, David went up to meet them in person last year, and was lucky enough to try some unfiltered arbequina olive oil. Our full spectrum CBD comes from a regenerative farm in Northern Oregon, and the quality is profound. You won’t get high from this stuff, but you’re sure to feel great, and may open up for a nice long form conversation (a lost art in his opinion) with your friends and family.



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